World Bank retaliates against Parliamentary Whistleblower

World Bank retaliates against Parliamentary Whistleblower

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Evidentiary Basis - Municipal Development Project Management Unit (MDPMU) Registration Data

The following is the evidentiary basis of the claim submitted to the World Bank's Department of Institutional Integrity (INT) relating to the illegal stamp belonging to a non-existent Project Implementation Unit (PIU) used on the MDP sub-credit agreement.

The stamp, which appears next to the details of the Project Management Unit (PMU) is actually that of a Project Implementation Unit (PIU). The letter from the state register confirms that both the PMU and the PIU detailed on the sub-loan agreement have never existed. A Municipal Development Project Management Unit (MDPMU) was first registered on 17th December 1998, after signing the sub-loan agreement, which was on the 15th September 1998. The Project Management Unit should be registered and fully staffed as a pre-requisite to signing of the sub-loan agreement. The PMU was clearly not legally registered at the time of signing the sub-loan agreement. The sub-loan agreement was obtained in Armenian from the MDPMU (full copy available) and in English from the World Bank. The English version from the World Bank did not include the last page, which included the three stamps, including that of the PIU (PMU).

Letter from:

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia - Head of The State Register Agency

12.02.2004 No. 3-2/0147

15 G. Lusavorich Street

Yerevan 375010

Tel: 524600 Fax: 563285

Mr. Bruce Tasker

Chief Specialist and Analyst

CGHA Study Commission of National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia

Dear Mr. Tasker,

In response to your letter of 20.02.2004 I advise that on 10th February 2004, according to the State Journal, the following information is available:

1) Re: Organization “Municipal Development Project Implementation Unit”. An organization of that name is not registered. But the following are registered under the name “Municipal Development Project Management Unit” State Institution (Registration No 273.180.03096, dated 5th December 2001, Address: 62a Abovyan Street, Yerevan, founder “State Committee of Water Resources”, former registration details, Registration No: 264.01.31, dated 3rd April 2000, founder Mayors Office of Yerevan), and “Municipal Development Project Management Unit”, State Closed Joint Stock Company, (Registration No:, dated 17th December 1998, Address: 31 Ulnetsu Street, Yerevan, shareholder, Ministry of Finance and economy. Information on the 9th February 2000 registers that the organization is in the process of liquidation)

2) Registration No: 286.120.03194 is not listed, neither is an organization in the name “Project Management Unit”.

Yours Sincerely,

Gurgen Sargsyan,

Executed by:

Information Processing Department

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