World Bank retaliates against Parliamentary Whistleblower

World Bank retaliates against Parliamentary Whistleblower

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A World Bank Crisis for Armenia – The Intrigue

Now that the Kocharian / Sargsyan team has imposed its new Presidency in Armenia, they are ready to move to full implementation of the World Bank Crisis for Armenia Program.

The UN General Assembly has adopted an Azerbaijani motion which reaffirms territorial integrity of Azerbaijan, demands the withdrawal of all Armenian forces from the occupied territories, and refers to outrageous and massive illegal Armenian settlement in the territories. Sargsyan is already on his way to Russia and immediately after his inauguration he will be meeting with his Azerbaijani counterpart to talk about resolution of the Karabakh conflict.

Blowing the World Bank Whistle has covered how the signing of the Karabakhi agreement will initiate the re-location of settlers from the occupied territories to their recently constructed apartments in Yerevan and through acknowledgment of Karabakhi independence Armenia will be relieved of any responsibility it may have to Karabakh. The occupied territories have been held by Armenia since 1993 as a security ring for the capital city Stepanakert, and with them under Azerbaijani control, Karabakh will be under increasing threat, causing its population to join the exodus.

The finance for the World Bank Armenia Crisis Program is the intriguing part of the jigsaw, a closely guarded secret. And no doubt for the people of Armenia, who will be paying for the whole sordid and highly corrupt affair, it will remain that way. But the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Armenian tyrants who have for the past five years or more been carefully preparing for this moment, are in no doubt of where the finance is coming from; of how many billions of dollars are involved, and of how that money will be surreptitiously manoeuvred into Armenia to create another fabricated wave of foreign investment, and importantly to escape the attention of the rightful beneficiaries, the people of Armenia.

A most suiting scenario is of course through the Kocharian / Sargsyan friends in Russia, who in the run up to the recent Presidential election farce came to Armenia announcing their intention to increase investment in the Armenia construction sector. Why would Russian oligarchs want to increase their investment in Armenia’s construction sector, when projects they have purportedly already financed been stacking up for the past years and as yet have failed to find the tens of thousands of occupants needed to return the hundreds of millions of dollars investment already committed.

Blowing the World Bank Whistle has been posing that question throughout the past year, and today the answer is no longer a secret. The apartments are needed to re-house the residents who are driven from Karabakh and the surrounding territories when Sargsyan signs the agreement he has been keeping under his belt as a tool to persuade the international community the legitimacy of his recently enforced Presidency.

But Russia’s private investors will not be providing the apartments free of charge, and equally those who are forced to re-locate will not cherish the thought of losing their homes in Karabakh, or the surrounding territories, and having to pay the exorbitant prices being asked for Yerevan’s recently constructed real-estate. A compensation package must therefore be in place to finance the entire re-location program, and that compensation will undoubtedly be from the party who stands to gain most - Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan will undoubtedly pay the multi-billion dollar cost of the program in preference to expending even more money, losing many lives and destroying valuable assets in a war to regain Karabakh sovereignty. The international community would be persuaded to support such a scenario, preferring not to unduly publicize the tens of thousands forcibly re-located; Russia would take a healthy cut for facilitating the compensation to investment conversion program, and Armenia’s state cronies will pick up their multi-billion dollar reward for the years they have been patiently laundering their money. And yet again, all at the expense of the people of Armenia, who will find themselves under years of increasing tyranny at the hands of the very people they saved from an Azerbaijani onslaught in the early 90’s.

That is why, for the past year the World Bank’s investigatory unit, the Department of Institutional Integrity, has refused to carry out an investigation into rampant fraud and corruption in World Bank Armenia projects, despite repeated requests from me and from the influential international group that supports my claim, because it knows that this World Bank Crisis Program for Armenia has been completely unscrupulous and highly corrupt.

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