World Bank retaliates against Parliamentary Whistleblower

World Bank retaliates against Parliamentary Whistleblower

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Messages to and from Varoudakis

This is copy of an E-mail I sent to Varoudakis on the 5th December:

Mr Varoudakis,

Thank you for confirming transmission of the tape to the INT. Hopefully the INT will agree to share it with GAP in Washington - together with much more cooperation, which has already been delayed for far too long.

With respect to sharing the tape with the press, that was agreed immediately after our meeting of the 22nd, including at our press conference of the same day – not selected parts, but all of it.

Regarding breaking the privacy of conversations, that is the exact purpose of my blog, and of other media efforts, in Armenia, in the U.S. and in the UK. We have absolutely nothing to hide, ever since the INT exposed my privacy, when I approached them for 'advice' in May 2004, at the time of the Parliamentary Commission study. When the INT replied to my message, their officer broke his code of confidentiality and kindly sent a copy to Roger Robinson in Yerevan and to Brian Smith in Washington.

That was in direct violation of INT commitments to ‘Whistleblowers (although I was not Whistle blowing at the time) and marked the beginning of the WB campaign of reprisals against me. I have since been the subject of very damaging reprisals, which now, leading up to the Armenian presidential elections, are becoming somewhat threatening. The INT prefers not to respond to my claim in a proper manner, so we have embarked upon our own media campaign, and that will continue and widen until this matter of WB fraud, corruption and embezzlement is finally and properly resolved.

The main point is that, after you having seen a small part of the evidentiary documents, you acknowledge that they are indeed 'Very Compelling', and especially as the Head of the 2004 Parliamentary Commission has recently added his support, you may now wish to support our repeated requests that the INT instigates a full investigation, and in the very nearest future, rather than misrepresenting my claim without knowing the details, as you did with your October press conference.

Kind Regards,


This is the original message from Varoudakis:

Received 5th December:

Dear Mr. Tasker,

The tape of our conversation was transmitted yesterday to INT by diplomatic pouch under sealed envelope.

Let me note that the content of your blog conveys a surprising sense of privacy of conversations and e-mail communications. I also note with interest that you "had already made arrangements to release the tape of our conversation (or appropriately selected parts of it?) to the press".


And this is the first message I sent on the 5th December

Dear Mr. Varoudakis,

Here is a blog referring to your position regarding the tape of our discussions.

Varoudakis Withholds Incriminating Information

I’m amazed you could be so deceitful. You’ve probably been too close to Naira Melkumyan – already for too long.

I was hoping you would have brought some improvements to the WB Armenia office, but I now very much doubt that.



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